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Sola Fide: Faith Alone

Sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Larry Maley at Dardenne Presbyterian Church on October 1, 2017

“Sola Fide: Faith Alone”

Second of five sermons on the Reformation’s Principles

Scriptures: Ephesians 2:8-10 and Romans 3:23-28

            Upon engaging a young man in a conversation about salvation, I asked whether or not he would go to Heaven. He replied that he hoped so, but did not know for sure. “Then how can a person know whether or not they are saved,” I inquired.

            “I suppose, you just have to be good,” he replied.

            “How good do you have to be?” I asked.

“Awful good,” he answered.

Probing deeper I asked, “So, are you that good?” He admitted that he was not. “Then I suppose you are not saved,” I responded. He reluctantly admitted he was not. I let him know I shared his moral dilemma about not being good enough. I will never forget how his jaw dropped and the words stumbled out of his mouth, “Well, if you’re the preacher and you are not good enough, then, who can be saved?” What a joy it was to tell him of God’s plan of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation is only received by faith in Christ Jesus (Romans 3:24-25).


Choosy Fathers, Choose Jesus

Family at the Cross Sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Larry Maley on June 19, 2016

… I’m sure that some of you remember the 1990’s TV commercial with the tagline, “Choosy mothers choose Jif.” Today, being Father’s Day, I want to tell you why, “Choosy fathers, choose Jesus.” For most men can conceive a child and become a father, but it takes a special guy to be a “Godly father.”…