Angel Meals
There are times in all of our lives when we could use a little help. Nothing big, just a little something that makes the day a bit easier and reminds us that we are not alone. Sometimes it’s as simple as a homemade meal. A meal that sustains our bodies and feeds our souls. The Congregational Care Committee has decided to begin Angel Meals to offer just this kind of help to our members. We envision many opportunities where Angel Meals can be of assistance; coming home after a hospital stay, a family spending the majority of their time at a loved one’s bedside, or any number of other life circumstances. We invite you to help us in this endeavor.
A monetary donation can me made by noting Angel Meals on the envelope in the offering plate or you may contact the church office at 636-561-4347 or email if you would like to help.
Congregational Care

Please check back. More information to be added soon. [Grief books, baby blankets, personal help & prayer, etc]

Prayer Shawl Ministry

For more information about the Prayer Shawl Ministry, please check the Outreach page.

Teddy Bear Ministry

Do you know of a child that is having surgery, or is in the hospital, or is ill, or recently lost a close relative like a parent or sibling or grandparent? Do you know of a teenager that has low self-­esteem? Do you know of someone who is going through a rough time in their lives? If so, then through a gift of a Teddy Bear and the Teddy Bear Ministry, you can show that person just how much God and others care and love them.

Teddy Bears are to be used in the same manner as the prayer shawls for children who are ill or in the hospital. However, there is no age limit for the receivers and can be given to teenagers and adults as well. The Bears can be gifted to anyone by anyone. They are located in a blue tub in the closet across from the mailboxes in the office. When giving the Teddy Bears, please record the date and to whom you are giving the bear on the clip board in the closet. For more information or questions, contact Leah Reynolds at 636­-485­-9653.

Helping Hands

For more information about the Helping Hands Ministry, please check the Outreach page.

Intercessory Prayer Team

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness…”— Isaiah 61:1 (NIV)

We believe that Dardenne Church is called to be a family of prayer … that each of us has the incredible privilege of coming to a Father who truly does hear and answer prayer. The development of a consecrated prayer life should be a priority for every Christian.

Yet some are called to serve as intercessors to seek the will of God for our church and to bring the praises and requests of others before His throne. Thus, we have the Intercessory Prayer Team.

Our team of intercessors meets in the conference room at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. A typical session includes reading Scripture and prayers for our world, nation, and community. We regularly lift up the needs of the suffering and persecuted, and offer prayers for missionaries throughout the world. Closer to home, we intercede for our families and young people as well as for those who have shared their need for prayer with our team by completing a prayer request form.

May we minister to you through prayer? Do you feel a call on your heart to join our prayer team? Feel free to contact us.

Pastoral Care / Prayer Requests
For pastoral care: To notify the church of illnesses, hospitalizations, or deaths; or to pass along a prayer request; or to arrange homebound communion; or to share good news, contact the church office at 636-561-4347.
Stephen Ministry
Stephen Ministry

Love one another as I have loved you…

Loving and caring for one another is not just the pastor’s job – it’s something Jesus calls us all to do! Stephen Ministry is a program in which people with special training for caring can put those gifts to use. Contact Hugh or Cathy McCulloch at 636-561-8151 or Jennifer Kessler at 314-580-7279, for a Stephen Minister if you are in a difficult life situation.

The After People

Frequently friends will ask, “I know you’re involved in Stephen Ministry. Can you tell me exactly what a Stephen Minister is?” I like to explain that Stephen Ministers are “After People.”

Stephen Ministers are there:
after you’ve washed and returned the last casserole dish.
after the divorce papers have been served and the bottom falls out of your life.
after the last child honks the horn, waves, and drives away—and the house suddenly seems incredibly empty.
after you arrive home following the funeral service and the emotions you’ve held at bay come crashing in on you.
after the relationship has ended but the wounds are still bleeding and painful.
after the doctors have said, “There’s nothing more we can do.”
after the door has slammed shut—for the very last time.
after the phone call you’d always hoped you’d never get.
after you realize the hands on the gold watch you received at your retirement
party move more slowly than you ever imagined.
after the nursing home director shakes your hand and says, “Welcome to your
new home.”
after the gavel goes down, the handcuffs go on, and your loved one is led away.
after the baby has arrived, putting more demands on you than you ever dreamed possible.
after you find the pink slip inserted with what is now your final paycheck.
after your family and friends have heard your story one too many times, but you still need to talk it out.

Stephen Ministers are the “After People.” We are ready to come alongside
You – or your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or relatives – and provide comfort and support for as long “after” as we are needed.

Adapted from a presentation made during a worship service by Enie Bourland, a lay Stephen Leader at Houston’s First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.
Copyright © 2003 by Stephen Ministries in St. Louis, Missouri

Prayer Calendar

To pass along a prayer request; or to share good news, or to be added to the Prayer Chain, contact the church office at 636-561-4347.