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# Name Position
1) Steve Collier Jesus & Men (JAM), Minutemen, Restore St. Charles
2) Mary Ruth Embry Moderator of Presbyterian Women (PW)
3) Nannette Tornblom Organist
4) Samantha Knauper DPC Webmaster
5) Hugh McCulloch Stephen Ministry Leader
6) Jackie Schumacher Kitchen Coordinator
7) Chris Grimes Worship Traditional
8) Christy Westover American Heritage Girls Troop Coordinator
9) Joyce Mueller Operation Christmas Child Coordinator
10) Jennifer Kessler Stephen Ministry Leader
11) Greg Aman Endowment Fund
12) Phil Blanton Prayer & Praise
13) Helen/Jess Swiney Hope Food Pantry
14) Ceci Magney Mary Martha Thrift Shop Coordinator for DPC
15) Samantha Schaeperkoetter Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) Contact
16) Barbara Busse Women’s Monday Morning Bible Study Coordinator
17) Ed Walter Contact for Congregational Care
18) Jeff Confer Scout MasterĀ 984