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We have several ways you can listen to a past sermon.   Just click the links below.

Some sermons listings have the video listed in the Sermon Library. In the sermon title, you may see the following icons indicating if a video is linked to that sermon.  The Sermon Library title only contains the icon, the wording in the box helps you identify what the icons mean.

Three Empty Promises of Easter
April 5, 2015 by Rev. Dr. Larry Maley


iTunes iTunes can be used to subscribe to the feed above by clicking on the iTunes icon or by searching the ITunes podcast directory for “dpc4u” and clicking subscribe.

RSS  To listen and/or subscribe to RSS – Click on this link to connect directly to subscribe to an RSS feed or to subscribe using a podcast reader.

How do I subscribe to these podcasts?

Subscribing thru ITunes can be done by clicking the ITunes link above.  It will open ITunes if you have it already installed.  If you need to get ITunes, you can download it from

Subscribing to RSS can be done, if you don’t use iTunes, through the “RSS” link above. This can be done through your web browser or a third party RSS reader.  If you use Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7), Safari, or Firefox as your web browser, then RSS reader capability is built in to the browser and there are a variety of RSS readers available on the web;  some are free to download and others are available for purchase.  When you click on the RSS subscribe links, you will get a list of currently available video sermons.  If you use IE6 or below, the easiest and most secure way for you to get an RSS reader is to upgrade to IE7 from Microsoft and other sources by typing “upgrade to IE7″ in your search window.