The Purpose of Confirmation

It is easy at times to allow our familiarity with an activity to cloud the importance of that activity. We click our seatbelt without giving it a second thought. It’s just what we do, no big deal. Likewise, in the life of the church, we welcome a new group of young adults into membership through Confirmation year after year. Click-Got that done-Motor on. But wait! Why do we do it and what does it entail?

The Presbyterian Church recognizes both infant baptism and infant dedication leading to adult baptism. In both settings, the parents promise to nurture the child in the family of faith. Once the child reaches an age of accountability for his or her faith, they are called to make public, or “confirm”, their personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ and their acceptance of responsibility in the life of the church.

  • Confirmation is a process of learning. The Bible stories and Sunday school lessons have laid a foundation, but confirmation can be where students understand for the first time what it means, who God is, and what He wants from them.
  • Confirmation is a fulfillment of a promise. Many of these students have been brought before this or other churches when they were baptized as children. Their parents promised to raise them in God’s Church as a part of His people in the hope that one day they would confess for themselves that Jesus is Lord.
  • Confirmation is a rite of passage for the youth of the church. It’s a time where they are recognized as no longer being simply children but full members of the church. Ready to serve and participate in the mission of the church.
  • Confirmation is a beginning. Frequently we think of confirmation as an end, which it is, but more importantly, it is a beginning. Confirmation is the end of being a child at church. After confirmation, you no longer go to “your parents’ church,” or believe in “your parents’ God,” instead this is now your church and He is now your God. The students confirmed today in many ways are beginning their walk with God as they vow, “I DO believe in Jesus, He is MY Lord and Savior, and Dardenne Presbyterian Church is MY church.”

Confirmation is starting in September so all you 7th graders sign up today. For information about Youth Confirmation, please contact the church office.

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