The Inquiry class is an informative, enjoyable, pressure free, fun way to help you learn more about Dardenne. If you are considering a Dardenne membership you are strongly encouraged by its leadership to participate in its Inquiry (New Members) Class.

The New Member’s Committee provides resources through the Inquiry Class to help new members better understand and become involved in God’s Church at Dardenne.

Topics of the Inquiry Classes include:

new members 4/2015

  • Polity and core beliefs of the Presbyterian Church
  • The sacraments and what it means to be “saved”
  • Finding your spiritual gifts
  • Using your gifts in our local church ministries
  • Developing bonds in small groups within a large church
  • Meeting the pastor(s)

Inquiry Classes are convened several times each year. This class typically meets for five weeks. Childcare is provided, but please let us know how many children will be attending. For more information, contact the Church office, 636-561-4347 or Lowell Barnes (Elder for New Members) at or 314-616-2217.

How to Become a Member

After participating in an Inquiry Class, Dardenne Presbyterian Church welcomes new members in several ways.

  1. One way is by confession of faith in Jesus Christ, for persons never having been a Church member before. This will also include the Sacrament of Baptism if the person has not previously been baptized.
  2. A second way is by reaffirmation of faith in Christ where a previous membership in another Church is no longer active, or where a transfer from that Church cannot be obtained.
  3. A third way new members are welcomed is by letter of transfer from any of several other Christian denominations.
  4. A fourth way a “new” member is “received” is by Session restoration of that person’s name from the Inactive Roll, placed there because of earlier neglect of active membership support or participation.